Monday, April 28, 2014

Final food presentation

Final Food Presentation

Your final project for this class will consist of preparing some kind of dish to share with the class and giving a presentation on this food. You may do the final project alone or in groups of two. Final presentations will take place during the last week of the Spring Term, May 19-22.


For your presentation, you need to explore your food from four of the following seven areas:
Personal biography
Philosophy and ethics
Culture (religion, tradition, ethnicity, etc.)
Science (environment, nutrition, ecology, etc.)

Your presentation should last approximately (7-9 minutes). You should have an outside source for each of the four areas you choose, as well as drawing on at least two class readings/films, making for a total of at least six sources for you presentation. On the day of your presentation, you must turn in a 1-2 page outline and a bibliography.

Food preparation:

You will have access to Kate and Robyn’s kitchens if you need to prepare your dish. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be needing to use our kitchens. You should try to prepare enough of your dish so that everyone in the class (14 + 2 instructors) can have a sample.

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