Friday, April 25, 2014

What makes a good blog post

Writing a blog post should be different from writing a paper that only your professor will ever read. If your blog posts read like a regular paper, you are not taking advantage of this format. Here are some specific things we'll be looking for:

- Readability: Is this a piece of writing that someone might read even if they were not being paid to do so? Does it have a hook? Does it convey information in an entertaining, humorous, interesting way?

- Accessibility: Can someone without the benefit of our class enjoy and understand this post? Is it filled with jargon or terms that most people wouldn't understand? If it uses such terms, does it give a quick and easy definition?

- Connection to class content: You should refer to course readings, content, videos, discussion, etc. You should do so in a way that is easy for those not in the class to understand. This might mean translating complex ideas into a few sentences, a useful skill to have.

- Creativity: A blog is a place to try out different formats. Make a list. Write a post from the perspective of a car or a bug or a tree. Imagine a conversation between a factory-farmed pig and the person about to eat it. Be funny. Be smart. Be weird. Be creative.

- Interactiveness: Okay, that's not a word, but who cares? Do you find links to interesting content for your post? Do you include pictures or images or videos? Blogs are a uniquely interactive format...use it.

- The basics: If you misspell words, use bad grammar, forget punctuation, etc. etc. the whole world will know. Your writing will be out there in the world. No one wants to read a blog post that's sloppy. Try to make it clean.

This is an opportunity to try out a whole other type of writing. Take advantage of it!

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