Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goat Boobs and Chicken Butts: My Day on the Farm

                As I drove down a muddy road towards the farm, I was given the opportunity to think about what I would be experiencing today. Going in I knew I would be milking a goat and making goat cheese. I did not know what else we would be doing, but it turned out to be a great day. My first experience with the farm was a baby goat running up to see me and the others in the class. The older goats were trying to get through the gates to us. This got even crazier as a few of us decided to start giving the goats some alfalfa treats. They were so excited when those treats came around. A few of us collected eggs from the chickens. All of the eggs were quite warm. Many people made a comment about this. As we were working around the animals, some questions came up.

                One question that stuck with me was about drinking goats’ milk. As a few of us were preparing food, we started to discuss how strange it is that we drink the milk of other animals even as adults. Humans are like all mammals, in that we need to nurse as infants. We are supposed to drink milk from our mothers when we are just born. However, this is where we differ from any other mammals. We continue to drink milk even after we have passed our young stages of development. On top of that, we drink the milk of other mammals. Why do we do this?
                Humans are such strange creatures. We like to think we are above other animals, but are we really? We use animals for food, just like every other carnivore or omnivore. Our animal instincts are not as evolved as we think. We choose to eat the unfertilized eggs of a bird species, and drink the fluid of pregnant goats and other mammals. As an idea, this sounds quite absurd. As a sociologist, it is interesting to look at the food choices of people. Even though a large percentage of the human population is lactose intolerant, people still ingest cows’ milk. Why are humans so apt to eat food that goes so far against our natural instincts? Maybe we just want to get as far away from our animal side as possible.

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  1. This is really interesting. We really do think that we are better than other animals but is that really just because we can talk and have all of these advancements. I think that is one problem that I have always had is saying my life is more important than another mammal. It is is crazy that when we were younger it is thought that we need our mother's milk to grow, stay alive, and survive, but this idea that we need milk is carried into our adult lives. It class we talked about the eco vs. ego and i think the eco makes more sense in the idea that we belong in the cycle with everything else in the world. But considering that we do not know what a natural human is, it becomes hard to distinguish what are and are not our natural instincts.