Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy Guacamole!


·      3 avocados
·      1 ½ tomatoes diced
·      ½ lemon squeezed
·      ¼ onion diced
·      1- ½ teaspoon garlic salt

Mash avocados to the consistency you desire in a bowl. Dice tomatoes and onions and stir in with avocados. Add lemon juice and garlic salt and stir in. You should always add more of any ingredients until it tastes just right to you! You might try chili powder, sour cream, onion powder (instead of onions), etc.

Tell me about guacamole!
     This is a Mexican food from the Aztecs back in the 16th century. Their word for it, āhuacamolli, literally means ‘avocado sauce.’ In America, we use it for all sorts of things including (and often) a dip, a condiment for sandwiches, and an ingredient for salad. The sale of avocados reaches up to 30 million pounds on two days every year. Any idea what they might be??? The first is Cinco de Mayo. Probably fairly obvious. The second day is Super Bowl Sunday. This day might have actually been more obvious to many people. When I first ate guacamole, it was at a friend’s house for a Super Bowl party. I knew I recently started liking avocado, but I had no idea how much I would love guacamole until I ate multiple helpings at the party. I have seen it at every Super Bowl party since, graduation parties, summer cookouts, and other various celebrations. This Mexican dish has become a mainstream yummy treat for many people in the U.S. I am sure some eat it on random occasions, (as I do now!), but it is very often at present in gatherings of lots of people.

What does that say about this delicious food? It is a dish that people enjoy together in a social atmosphere among close friends and family. It is eaten during happy times full of fun and celebrating. 

So, next time you eat guacamole just look around you to see who you are sharing this dish with and think about how it might mean more than just a yummy dip. J


  1. It is funny that you said in class that you didn't start making guacamole until you got to college. I never had tried it either (the green color scared me) until my roommate started eating it and sharing it with me. Now, I can't make it without eating the whole batch in one night. Many of the foods that we learn to like are heavily influenced by who we are around and sharing food with others.

  2. This was the first time I've ever had guacamole and I have to say I'm sad that I've been missing out. I love how just a small dish like this can bring so many people together. Definitely will be using the recipe!

  3. I'm so glad we've gotten to share the experience of making guac a couple times now! Now whenever you make it in the future you should definitely think of me, and I'll do the same. Funny how food can have so many emotional connections. It makes me like it even more!

  4. I have to say I have never been a fan of guac. The texture was just never right. My sister has a recipe that everyone loves at home...but it's too slimy for me. However, I loved the one you made! It was very tasty and the texture was just right, I think it helped that you had the salsa and other stuff in it besides the avacado. Thanks so much for making it, maybe now I can impress everyone at my house. =)