Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Yet Amazing

Well I have to thank my professors for ruining for me all the next meals of my life. On Thursday I probably had one of the best and most simple meals of my existence. We got to the house and I don’t know what I was expecting from making mayo, but it was nothing like I anticipated. A group of us managed the mayo made with fresh eggs and another with “standardized” eggs, some of us made vinaigrettes dressing for the salad and some others were on veggie duty. The meal was so simple it wasn’t even supposed to be a meal, but just a tasting, and instead it turned out to be a full meal all 15 of us sitting down.

Besides the fact that the food was simple yet amazing, we made it all ourselves. And that my friends adds to the taste. The pride and joy of consuming the food you make is astonishing. It was all very tasty but the making was by far the best part. None of us were really neither professional nor amateur chefs and yet with some good laughs and several tastings it all turned out to be very good. It was a refreshing experience. Food was no more something to put down your stomach, it was an event. Something to be excited about. Food brought us closer.

The meal itself was remarkable. All sitting down, everybody focused on the meal. Only a few smile and “Oh man you should really try the turnips”. Food was a moment to treasure. Everybody had a part in it and food was part of the group. It was it brought the group to have something in common. And that is the best part of food, it is something simple that gets us closer without knowing one another.


  1. "Oh man you should really try the turnips”

    That sums up the way I felt about this meal. The experience was great and opened up a new world of food for me. While I have always enjoyed my vegetables, I have always been hesitant when tasting such things as beets and turnips. I mean the names do not even sound appetizing, but much to my dismay I enjoyed them, thoroughly.

    It was a unique experience creating the meal with my friends and surprisingly enjoying it as well. Perhaps the inspiration I have been searching for to become a culinary artist is coming ever closer..?

  2. I completely agree with both Nico and Zach! I do not like the taste of raw turnips or pickled beets, but when we roasted those vegetables... wow. I'm definitely opening up to new foods and I think being asked to try new things is a bonus part of the class. It also has me thinking this forced experimentation could extend to members of a CSA which could have major implications on the dishes of a region and perhaps eventually the culture.

  3. I have to agree with everyone here about eating all of this wonderful food! It was so good, and tasted so different than what one can get at the store. And different in a very good way! It makes me want to try making more things at home with home grown ingredients.