Saturday, May 10, 2014

$10 - $20.... I'm Hungry? (Part 2)

So in Part 1 of this blog I explained that I would be going the entire week living off of $15 of groceries. With that said I should change the title of this entry from "I'm Hungry" to "I Was Starving!"
Writing reads: "Donated to you. EAT ME PLEASE!

Okay maybe I am being a little dramatic but going from not really having to worry about where my food came from to trying to make a little last a while was a serious struggle. I found out that eventually you get tired of left overs and eating the same food over and over again, some foods absolutely positively do not fill a grown person, how difficult it is to interact and socialize with people when you can't really eat with them, and many other things.

Spaghetti leftovers

A quick break down of my week is:
Monday - spaghetti for dinner
Tuesday - lunchable & cantaloupe for lunch; spaghetti for dinner
Wednesday - lunchable & cantaloupe for lunch; spaghetti o's for dinner
Thursday - frozen pizza for dinner
Friday - hot dog for lunch

Frozen Pizza
Now through out the week I lucked out and did get some free food. On Wednesday my boss brought donuts into the office and I got cookies from a friend. Also, on Thursday we had donuts in class. Every time that someone gave me food it was one of the best feelings that I have ever felt. Maybe it was because I did have to always think about where my food was coming from that made me hungrier than I actually could have been. It gave me an appreciation for the food banks and people out there that are there to serve those that can't afford food. But it was interesting that so many people wanted to give me food when they found out what I was doing (like the box of cereal above that was "donated" to me). Would they have done this if it was a random person on the street asking for food? They just kept telling me they didn't want to starve but we should have that same attitude for the random people we see begging for food.

When I first thought of this idea I thought that it would not be that bad to have to lower my food intake and that at the end it would actually teach me how to not have to spend a lot of money on groceries after I graduate. But then I realized how easy I had it. I only had to suffer through it for a week and then I knew it would be over. There was a feeling of hunger always till I eventually got to the point where I had to keep myself busy to keep form thinking about it. But there are people that have to go through this on a weekly basis. It is important to think about these people when we see people asking for donations because this is something we can fix.

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  1. I love it!
    If only people were forced to in a way walk in someone elses shoes, then maybe people might actually get the point and realize that some people do need help.
    Its crazy to think that people just turn the other way when someone is in need.