Friday, May 16, 2014

The Grazing Diet

Many of us are on the brink of graduation--meaning that 8 days stand between us and the precipice to the world of budgets, bills, and buying our own groceries.  It also means (more likely than not) that we are getting ready to stare right into the hideous eyes of clutching destitution.  So how can we efficiently eat healthy on a budget restrained by starting salaries and student loans?

The unfortunate answer is that this won't be easy by any means--if not almost impossible.  When $XXX per month is going to be detracted from your income to pay off loans, you probably aren't going to feel like forking out the extra money for fresh produce to make nice, healthful meals.  Simply put, with your rent and all your other expenses, you probably won't be able to afford making three square meals of freshly grown food every day unless you're some kind of heir/ess--(in which case, I am truly envious).  But I have found that the answer to this dilemma lies in changing our eating patterns, and not necessarily what we buy.

The Grazing Diet.  Sure, many people do not think it is healthy for humans to eat like this--that it's something cows and other livestock do, and therefore we couldn't possibly degrade ourselves to such living.  In addition, many people just think it's sacrilege to abandon the Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper way of living.  But I would like to take a moment to point out its benefits.

1.  The grazing diet allows you to make fresh, nutritious foods last longer.  By eating 5 or 6 small portions of highly nutritious food each day, you will not only absorb the nutrients better, but you will also be able to eat better with less food.
2.  You can save time.  I know that when I start working while commuting to law school in a few months, I will be taking full advantage of wraps and smoothies.  You can save time and eat on the go--plus it's less work to put together a few small portions for a day!
3.  YOU CAN SAVE MONEY!  Going to the grocery store often seems like a chore because you have to coordinate groceries with your weekly meal plan.  With a grazing diet, you can simply grab the things that look good in the produce section that particular week, and you don't have to plan as much prior to going shopping.

All things considered, I think a grazing diet could be the saving grace for poor post-grads who are struggling to make a foundation for their finances.

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  1. Very interesting blog post! I feel like you should make a week long example of a grazing diet so that I can start planning out my after college life.