Thursday, May 8, 2014

Everybody Loves Chipotle -- And That's Great!

I've heard the words of great lament come out of a Hanoverian's mouth many a time:  "Oh, what I would give for some Chipotle right now!"  Sadly, though, the only way to satisfy this hankering here is if you're willing to drive a two-hour round trip.  But what makes it so great?  Is it the fact that you know you can spend $7 and get the best meal-plus-midnight-snack imaginable?  Is it that creating, mixing, and matching your very own burrito or burrito bowl makes you feel like you're involved in your meal's making?  Or is it that Chipotle prides itself on utilizing only ethically sourced, antibiotic-free foods?  I think it's all of the above.

The restaurant chain has its own YouTube channel, on which it posts some of the best commercial advertisements I have ever seen.  Two videos in particular stood out to me, and they both promote essentially the same idea--that we need to start "cultivat[ing] a better world" by breaking away from the factory farming industry.

The above video is called "The Scarecrow".  One thing this video really captures is the factory farm industry's push to make the consumer believe the food they produce is "all natural" or raised by Old McDonald or something.  Essentially, this commercial (without words, which I like) shows that their marketing is, pardon my French, a big crock of shit.

This one is called "Back to the Start" and seems to me to have a more simplistic approach than the former advertisement.  Regardless, their point is made clear--that it is always better to farm naturally.

As anyone who has been to Chipotle knows, the company prides itself on its commitment to ethical and antibiotic-free foods.  We can only hope that other restaurants follow in Chipotle's footsteps and jump on-board with this ideology.  Yet even if they don't, I think these advertisements stay with the viewer for quite a while, and show that even on an individual basis, like the scarecrow, we can take our own steps to "Cultivate a Better World."


  1. Okay hopefully this thing lets me comment this time.
    But I am definitely one of those people that are absolutely obsessed with Chipotle where I am willing to take the 2 hour round trip to get it. But something that I didn't know is that they did actually use all natural food. You have some places like Wendy's that will claim to have food that is "all natural" but it doesn't really seem like it. I always knew that Chipotle was a healthier option than some of it competitors, such as Qudoba, so the fact that something I am obsessed with is actually treating their food right is great.

    Also I really do appreciate the first commercial that you posted that they did. I think that it is commercials like this that actually have meaning behind their company and show who they are need to be out there more. I think one reason why some places don't so it is because some companies don't want the consumer to see this. But maybe by publicizing this through TV or previews at movie theaters, one it can make other want to change and then do the same.

  2. I remember the first time I saw the scarecrow advertisement. It went completely viral on my Facebook. Everyone was sharing it and talking about it. I love the messages Chipotle puts out there and not to mention it IS great advertising as everyone seems to talk about them when they first come out. I also agree with Sherill in that if more companies would put their stance on different issues as well as their companies goals as a business -- more people would (hopefully) open their eyes to what they are putting in their mouths.