Friday, May 16, 2014

We need a spy!!!

     After watching Food Fight and thinking about the issues discussed in the movie, it is very disheartening. There are great initiatives taken to try to change the food industry system with examples like Representative Ron Kind for Wisconsin and his seemingly radical changes to the distribution of money in the food industry, the edible schoolyard, or a system in a school where they would grow food and cook meals as part of the curriculum. These types of great game-changers end up being rejected or do not spread as quickly as they should. 

     I feel like the reasons behind the non-spread of some of these reforms are selfish. With the bill reform that Ron Kind put forth, yes it was drastic, but it was a possible option and what the representative said that was opposing the bill was that people like Ron Kind should not be involving themselves with issues they do not understand, like to food industry. If representatives in our government, people who get elected into their positions, shouldn't take any part in a matter that effects the entire United States population directly, then who should?? This does not make any sense to me. 

     I would understand why programs like the edible schoolyard would not be able to occur exactly the same way as shown in the film in every single school system. Because of location, being in the city, resources of the school, not having the proper teachers for these types of food classes, budget, etc, the exact system showed may not be feasible. This does not mean to give up completely on trying to educate school kids about food and change their diets for school meals. Each area would just need to find some alternatives. Instead of growing their own produce on school property, why not contact a local farmer that would allow them to use land? Giving up is what is already happening. Giving up allows the system to be the same. 

     So... I have come up with a plan. An individual will go into politics. This person, most likely a man because in politics men are normally seen as better candidates, why, I have no clue, but men outnumber women in politics. He will also be attractive because it is also sometimes illustrated that people who are more physically appealing can gain more support and leeway.This may be a poor example, but like the first broadcasted presidential debate between JFK and Nixon. I would vote for either Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, or Ryan Gosling... but that's just my opinion! 

These are just examples... not because they are extremely attractive human beings... I digress!

     So, this man will act like all of the heads of the food industry. He will have the same views as the people in power, so the individuals in power will like him, and most likely work the system so that he would work his way up, hopefully easily, to the top with the other individuals.

     Once he is in the highest ranked position, he would pull the rug out from underneath the people in charge. If people like Ron Kind would present a radical reform bill like that to him, he would support it, approve it, pass it, sign deuces, and head out of the building. He would subsidize a significant amount of money into the fresh produce industry and less into the processed foods industry. He would shake stuff up!! He will be the ninja of the government, if you will. Completely change the system... drastically. The whole system just needs a push in the completely other direction. This is radical... but it just might work...

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