Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sociology ruins EVERYTHINGGGGG!!!!!

So after being a sociology major for 3 years I have decided that sociology ruins everything! I cannot talk to someone, watch a movie, talk with my family, SIT IN MY ROOM without trying to analyze and wonder:
Why is okay for him 
to do that and not her?
Are they doing that because of 
their parents or their peers?
Why is there so much pink and 
glitter all over this room and house?!

And then I get into this Meaning of Food class thinking...
Oh. The meaning of food is I cook it and then I eat it. Case closed. A! 
(self high-five!)

and then I took my high-five back after week 1...

I realized that I should have known better than to think what I thought entering this class. 
1. Because it was Kate Johnson and Ryle....
(aka my face after week 1)

2.Because it was another one of those dang sociology classes that my parents say messes with my thinking and what not.

But I guess after taking class I realized that it isn't that sociology doesn't ruin everything but allows us to see a different perspective of things and understanding the meaning of things and the different contexts in which it is used. 

Food. not just something we eat but something we live off of but something that needs us almost as much as we need it. There is a process to how we get our food and that is something that we fail to realize.

Learning the sociology (and philosophy) allowed me to have an insight and respect for it that was not really acknowledge before.Like other things that we learn about, we don't know there is a problem til it affects us. So in terms of food there are is a group us that are privileged to have food while others have to work day in and day out to get their food.

But looking at those that suffer from not having food is only one aspect of it. There is so much intersectionality (there's a fancy sociology word thrown at you) that goes into food that most of us ignore because sometimes food can cause us to think selfishly.

So looking at food in a sociological way showed me that I need to open my eyes to food and how it brings people together or keeps people a part, or shows the differences in social status, religion, race, etc. I know that I am going to look more into where my food comes from and where it goes through because by eating somethings I may be supporting a company that stands for something that I am completely against.

So just how we make race, religion, sexuality, etc. an important topic, our American culture also needs to look at what we are consuming because we are what we eat. Whether that is we are into slave labor or consuming large quantities of fake food and leaving others hungry we need to pay attention.

But I guess that would change my title. Soooooo not...

Sociology ruins EVERYTHINGGGGG!!!!!

Sociology Brings Out Everything!!!!
For the better :)

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