Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You are What You Eat

                We hear this phrase so often, but do we really know the implications of it? If we are what we eat, then why are we creating a food system that is not helping us in any way? I, for one, would not like to think of myself as a overfed cow that is just being fattened up so it can die sooner. I don’t want to be known as a fast food French fry that is doing nothing but killing people. Those are some of the things I have eaten in my life. Am I nothing more than tortured animals and unhealthy vegetables? These questions can be quite troublesome when they are really examined.
                I don’t want to think of myself as another animal going to slaughter. I don’t want to be a vegetable that has grown in chemical-filled soil that is devoid of all flavors. We may become what we eat. As Americans, we eat large amounts of fat and sugar-filled foods. We are suffering from all kinds of food related disease because we aren’t taking the time to respect the food we eat. What if we changed our mentality about food? Could we become better versions of ourselves?
                If we started to take more care and respect for our food, we would become what we eat. I would rather be made up of organic, home-grown vegetables and well cared for animals. If we as a nation changed how we saw food, we would be better equipped as a society. I know that I have tried to change some of my eating habits slowly. Instead of getting a cheese burger, maybe getting a fresh salad is a good idea. Growing some of my own plants can be a small step to help my own life. If we started to look at the things we ingest as part of who we are, maybe we could be better people. I know from personal experience that thinking about the foods that go into my body does help me feel better. When I have the chance, I’m going to try to go for better food options. If we all take a few small steps, we could have a much healthier and happier nation.

Just for a little laugh, he is Wayne Brady to tell you more:

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  1. I really liked your concept of we are what we eat... and that it may not always be a good thing. But you're completely right... we have the choice and opportunity to decide 'what we are' through 'what we eat'. WE can make the choice to choose a fresh garden salad over a hamburger that we have no idea where it came from of how the animal was treated. From a personal standpoint I feel as though this is one of the reasons I can be such a picky eater. Growing up on a farm and watching a large amount of my food be killed and grown in gardens on our land I tend to think a lot about what I am putting into my body.

    Overall I have to say I agree with the 'we are what we eat'. Not only can we physically feel different but on a mental level as well!!!