Sunday, May 11, 2014

If Only We All Gardened

When going out to the store and families purchase their food, I believe that people often don’t take the time at all to consider where their food might actually come from. This is a common practice in which no one pays attention to how their food was produced or manufactured to the point that when buying it all people see is a product and a number value.


Because of this, people in most cases have no idea what they are putting into their bodies and quite frankly they don’t care what they are ingesting. I know we always hear about how terrible the meat industry is and even our neighborhood drive thru restaurants; but until we actually see what they are doing first hand then we as consumers continue to purchase the same thing and don’t even think about it.


If only people became more aware of their products and took the time to examine them then maybe, just maybe people would consider going about a different method in getting their food. Gardening is one such method, and even having your own farm type animals on a small scale. One benefit of doing ones own gardening would be the health factors. Being able to raise your own crops, naturally and safely would immediately bring about an awareness to the person. Even if it were simply just a few plants, people would think twice about what they are buying in stores. It would be a great practice if children were in a way forced to try and grow some kind of plant just to give them the chance to see the difference and value of naturally grown versus non natural plants. If this were to happen then our young people could actually appreciate healthier foods rather than going straight for the chips or soda. Like most things, we have to start young in order to see any actual change in mentality.

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