Friday, May 2, 2014

Mammas Cookin

My Mommas Cookin

I don’t go home often because my campus is my new home. When I do go home I usually tend to have one goal before coming back to school, and that is to get a bite of my mommas cookin. I love when she calls and asks me what I want for dinner, those are probably the most magical words. Every time I also ask for fried pork chops, macaroni and cheese, fried cabbage and last but not least a beautifully made pan of corn bread.

When you have foods such as these, it is hard not to just want to get lost in your plate. First let me tell you about them fried pork chops. Sweet Lord!!!!! When you talk about having a succulent juicy bite of heaven, you just cant ask for anything better. Each bit is coated in a delicious fried breading that is just filled with flavor.

The macaroni and cheese, there isn’t anything better than homemade. With the perfect proportion of cheesy goodness, and the right amount of time in the oven to get that nice golden brown crust on the top. It just makes me shake my head when I see people relying on that Easy Mac.

Although simple, my mommas fried cabbage is just o so perfect that once you have it, you realize that that is all you really need.

Lastly, that beautiful, golden, butter moistened cornbread! This is for sure the icing on the cake. When you can almost taste the butter dripping out, that’s when you know the cornbread was made by someone who knows what they are doing.

Just try to picture this succulent meal and you too would have a reason to go back home for Mommas sweet home cooking. I almost feel that they may be one of the only reasons I go home now a days.


  1. I think is very interesting how we all love the homemade food that our parents or grandparents used to cook for us when we were little, and of course they still cook for us when we go back home. I suppose that they have a big influence in what we eat now and how and when we eat it. They are the only ones who can cook us that favorite meal that we all used to have when we were little and made us so happy. And of course every time that we go back we all want that good meals that used to make us happy and at the same time bring us good memories.

  2. You know, before you made the comment about home cooking to be one of the only reasons you may go home now a days I never really thought about how true that probably is for most of us! Now that we're in college.. And most of us are getting ready to graduate, I feel as though we've almost been trained to expect those good meals when we go home. I suppose that could be a good and bad thing. But it's definitely the truth! Personally, I'll be interested to see how that will change once we have graduated and if we still expect those meals in the same way!